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Sept 4th- PDX, OR: THE TWILIGHT w/ Golden Handcuffs & Static and The Cubes
Sept 5th- Chico, CA: BURNING BUCKET HOUSE w/ Cop Warmth, Strange Ones, & Boom City.
Sept 6th- Sacramento, CA: CASA DE CHAOS w/ O'Mulligans & Pisscat

Sept 7th- Oakland, CA: TBA, BBQ at your house? Make a movie?
Sept 9th- Los Angeles, CA: THE REDWOOD w/ Hot Breath, Feeling Feelings, & The Chantey Hook
Sept 10th- Anaheim, CA: LAS PALOMAS MEXICAN RESTAURANT w/ Radioactive Chickenheads & The Ugly Kids.
Sept 11th- Fresno, Ca: CAFÉ INFOSHOP w/ Dead Bars
Sept 12th Oakland, Ca: THE STORK CLUB @ This Is My Fest!
Sept 20th- Seattle, WA: THE SUNSET w/ Dead Bars




Thursday June 18th- Fresno, CA @ the place next to CYC
Friday  June 19th- LA, CA @ Redwood Bar
Saturday  June 20th- Santa Cruz, CA @ Cafe Pergolesi










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