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Four Lights

 Dan Gardner, Jeff Mangalin, and Brian Lewis are three musicians in Seattle, WA. When their grant expires, the guys are fired and they go into business as a band called “Four Lights”. Their first customer is orchestra cello player Dana Barrett, who was scared out of her apartment on the 22nd floor of a high rise apartment building on Central Park West. It seems that Dana's neighbor, Louis Tully, is also being affected by the strange happenings in the apartment building. Armed with  guitars and stuff,  Four Lights become wildly popular, and they are joined by Kii Kay, who is looking for a job with good pay. Overzealous Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agent Walter Peck thinks Four Lights are frauds, and he has  Four Lights put in jail. Peck is forced to believe  Four Lights when  Seattle is put under siege by an ancient Sumerian God named Gozer the Gozerian, who is channeled through the apartment building that Dana and Louis live in, and the mayor has no choice but to let

 Four Lights out of jail to face Gozer.

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