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Sad Girlz Club

Sad Girlz Club is a pop-punk band from Sacramento, CA that uses upbeat, driving music as a way to help cope with the intense anxieties, heart-breaks, and daily struggles that life brings. The band formed in July 2018 after long-time best buds Shelby Murray (vocals/guitar; previously of killer open mics) and Travis Dunbar (bass/vocals; previously of The Carbonites and Sleep No More) spent a drunken weekend at Punk Rock Bowling and thought, “We should totally do this!” They took years’ worth of backlogged acoustic songs and decided to transform them into a full-blown band. A few weeks later, they found a super cute drummer-extraordinaire (Eric LeFebre; previously of The Mutilators, Hollywood Hotel, and Tabaltix) on Instagram (aka the new Craigslist). After hanging loose and chowing some food, they all decided that it was the perfect fit. The trio recorded a live demo, “Membership Dues”, with Patrick Hills at Earthtone Recording Company after only three band practices. After its release, they decided they wanted to expand their sound and gently bullied Lys Mayo (previously of Little Tents, Dead Dads, Urban Wolves, Kepi the Band, and many more) into playing lead guitar while she happened to be simultaneously bullying producer Patrick Hills into getting them to ask her. Shelby and Lys literally ran into each other while drunk at Café Colonial (Sac, CA) and suddenly the Sad Girlz Club had four members only a week before their first show in August 2018.

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