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Seattle's own Bottlenose Koffins delivering you their debut album now available on CD for the first time! If the spiritual children of the Dead Milkmen, Judas Priest, and The Ventures all pledged Animal House and started a band, that band would be Bottlenose Koffins. TRACK LISTING:

1)Kristy Yamaguchi

2)Bald Spot

3) Dr. Underhill (Manson MD)

4)Drunk Girls

5)Meat Wagon

6)Topless Octopus



9) Mean Drunk

10)Born In A Barn

11)Born In A Barn II:Judgement Day

12)Pregnant Until Proven Guilty

13)Drank Too Much


Bottlenose Koffins "Gayzilla!"

SKU: BPR-003
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