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New Releases in 2015! Little Tents! Bottlenose Koffins! PRE-ORDERS!

It's been a while, but we're back in the business of putting out awesome records! We are proud to announce that Little Tents from Sacramento will be releasing their debut CDEP "Fun Colors" with us! Passionate, heart filled, 90s-ish emo that combines the best parts of RVIVR and Lemuria! Coming later this month! Pre-Orders START RIGHT NOW!!!!! Or, catch them on their West Coast mini-tour and buy it from the band themselves! But don't wait too long because these babies are going to go FAST!

Then later this summer/early fall, we will be releasing the sophomore album by Seattle's own Bottlenose Koffins We released the CD version of their debut record "Gayzilla!" kind of under the radar a few months ago but for their mind blowing second record (Title TBD) we'll be pulling out all of the stops and making a lot of noise! Look for new music later this summer!

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